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[003] COLOURBARS, ICONS, FRIENDS ONLY, BANNERS [29 Jul 2006|07:29pm]

Okay. So it's back to Uni and already I have a stack of things to do. So I thought I'd make a quick post before starryevergreen goes on hiatus!

[20] Icons
- Including Charmed, Westlife, Smallville, Footy and High School Musical

[04] Friends Only Banners
- Including High School Musical, Woodville West Torrens Eagles and Cricket

[03] Banners
- Including High School Musical and Ashley Tisdale

[02] Colourbars
- Kelvin Moore and Brent Hartigan [inspired by hartigan33

we lost to west coast? arrrrrrrrgh!!Collapse )

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[002] COLOURBARS! [17 Jul 2006|12:34am]


Okay. I've made some colourbars. These are a little different to the way I used to make them in the way that I could find a good heart brush so there's just no heart on it at all and it's a bit smaller then the previous ones.. and the colouring is not so dark.. I don't think.

[23] Colourbars include: Adelaide Crows, Richmond Tigers, Smallville, Charmed, Westlife, Kelly Clarkson, JD Fortune, Cricket, Wentworth Miller, Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, Jensen Ackles

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- Credit princess_mango or starryevergreen if taking any
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[001] ICONS! [15 Jul 2006|02:03pm]

[07] 24
[15] High School Musical
[07] Ashley Tisdale
[03] High School Musical Cast
[02] Vanessa Anne Hudgens
[08] Charmed

+ [01] Troy and Gabriella Header.

evaporate, tall person!Collapse )

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- Credit princess_mango or starryevergreen if taking any.
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- Resources can be found [here]

hi =] [15 Jul 2006|02:19pm]

Okay. So after making icons and other graphics for a while now, I thought I'd make myself an icons journal. So here it is. I don't know how I got the name, it just came to me after listening to a few songs .. (I wonder which ones, Haha)

I'm not putting any of my old icons in here.. because to be honest they were quite shithouse.. but with these ones, I actually tried to read tutorials and make them right, so hopefully they turn out better than my previous ones, if not, oh well, at least I tried.

As if goes, if you're taking any of my work, please, comment on that post (even if you're not taking any, I still love to hear your comments) credit whatever you take and please, please don't hotlink. It's annoying when you run out of bandwidth because people are hotlinking and then you get those ugly red crosses. Eww.

So yeah.


resources [14 Jul 2006|06:26pm]


brushes: tihana // fluffy_monster

textures: colorfilter 

[24] 24fans.de
[high school musical] hsmusicalfans // snowy_icons // ashley-tisdale.com //
[charmed]  glance18 // sissi_blucas
[smallville] killanidea
[weslife] thecommitted.net
[wwt] official site
[afl] gettyimages // afl.com

images used for colourbars are from gettyimages

fonts: dafont 

helpful tutorials


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